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Motorcycle Covers
Geza Gear motorcycle accessories are available to further enhance your towing and riding experience. These items are built and selected to make your motorcycling experience safer and more enjoyable! You can order any of these On-Line or call us at 703-327-9844 or email us at if you need assistance.

Canyon Dancer Bar Harness
(click on image for larger view)
$29.95 with order

The Bar Harness is an excellent tie-down system for any motorcycle. It slips over the grips of the handlebars and your tie-down strap hooks go thru the hanging loops. The left strap pulls against the right bar end and vice versa; thereby distributing the force of the straps between the bars; reducing the possibility of bar ends bending under strap tension. Also, the straps can easily be angled away from the fairing to prevent rubbing damage.

The design is straightforward with clear instructions. The Bar-Harness is made in the US, and the nylon webbing has a tensile strength of 5500-12,000 lbs. An excellent product that is a must have for anyone towing their bike.
Stuff Bag
geza gear cover bag
$10.00 with order - Select SIZE

The GEZA Stuff Bag allows your cover to be compressed to a small size. The upper nylon mesh of the stuff bag allows your cover to breathe and dry if wet.

Stuff Bag size for small and medium covers are 4 1/2" in diameter x 8 1/2" tall.

Stuff Bag size for large covers are 5" in diameter x 11" tall.

Mirror and Exhaust Covers $5.00 per pair
Exhaust and Fender Wraps $5.00 per pair
Pro Dust/Polishing Cloth $5.00
Polar Fleece Neck Warmers $15.00

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