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Armed Forces
Counter Terrorism Agency

Our Protective Covers (Materials and Designs) are Serving our Armed Forces and Proving themselves in the U.S. and overseas in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan,
Iraq and elsewhere

We can Prototype and Build to Exact Military, DOD, Armed Forces, NATO and Law Enforcement Specifications for any Equipment and need Requirements

We Use Patented Designs and Materials which are Proven to Function without Fail

We are a Registered Member of the CCR

100% Made in the USA

Debuted at Force Protection Equipment Demonstration

Stafford Regional Airport, Stafford VA

The unclassified demonstration is NOT open to the public and is intended for attendees from DOD, Federal Departments and Agencies, and Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement and Corrections Agencies. Foreign personnel must have a US sponsor to attend.

Sponsored by The Physical Security Equipment Action Group (PSEAG), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE), Technical Support Working Group (TSWG)


Equipment and Materials we will be Debuting and Demonstrating:

- New Lightweight Composite Materials for Personnel and Equipment Protection in Extreme Environments

- Fuel Tank, Engine Intake and Canopy Covers for the F-15,
F-16 and F-18 Fighter Jets

- Personnel Head/Face Masks for Protection and Concealment - Currently being used by Special Forces, SWAT, and NATO personnel

- Gun Covers for 9mm, M16, M4, M-24/40A1 Sniper, M249, M240 and others

- Surveillance Camera Covers

- Heavy Armored Vehicle Kevlar Window Covers / Turret Gun Mount Canopies


Military Protective Covers
Geza Gear Inc., is a registered member of the CCR, Central Contractor Registry, and has worked/continues to work with the Department of Defense (DOD), Government and State Agencies as well as various NATO departments.

We are a custom builder and fabricator of Military Grade Materials and Protective Covers with offices located in the Washington DC area and Maryland. We build to exact specifications for any equipment or personnel needs/requirements.

We have the ability to custom design our materials to suit exact needs and prototype designs for any military grade equipment and can quickly and cost effectively fill small or large orders. Everything, from our patented technical fabrics to the designing, modeling, fabrication, prototyping, cutting and sewing is performed by us. From start to finish, we will build to your exact specifications.

Contact us for Bid Proposals and projects of any kind - whether at design / idea inception or needing completion.

Call Us at 888-222-0650 or send us an email at

The following is one of many examples of projects we have worked on:

The photo to the above right shows what is left of a "standard issue" blue Pylon Cover after one season of weather exposure. The BLACK cover, next to it, is the custom built Geza G3 HellFire (PATENTED) Pylon Cover. Superior in every way, from design to materials and built to last and perform for countless trouble-free years. When protection and performance counts, when time and budgets matter, the only way to build it is to do it right the first time so you will never have to waste funds on building it again.


The Geza Gear G3 HellFire External Fuel Tank Pylon Cover (PATENTED) is engineered to perfectly fit all U.S. F-15, F-16 and F-18 Pylons. Build patterns for the longer designed Dutch Pylons are also available.

Built to Airforce Specifications with our Patented Design and Materials, the G3 HellFire is composed of a Patented and Proprietary quad layer of material: Exterior top material is 100% water-proof with UV relective coating to reflect 80% of intense UV sun heat. Inner material is a dual-core layer GoreTex membrane laminated together vertically and again horizontally to be 100% water-proof in handling extreme rain force pressure and for micro moisture breathabilty to vent condensation. Inner material is patented WetWick moisture absorbing fibers to draw away any residual moisture from the interior and wick it through the GoreTex membrane where it will then be exhausted through the exterior material back into the atmosphere, thus keeping the ENTIRE interior completely dry from extreme wet weather and intense humidity. Aramid fibers (Kevlar and Nomex) are also interwoven with the WetWick fibers for extreme tensile strength and extreme resistance to heat. Side panel material is quad layered 100% water-proof patented ForceFlex material with dual-core inner GoreTex liner laminated to the interior material consisting of patented WetWick moisture absorbing fibers interwoven with Aramid fibers.

For bullet-proof and weather-proof construction, all materials are overlapped and hot welded together, then double needle stitched with GoreTex TENARA thread and then again single needle stitched with TENARA throughout the entire interior. The G3 HellFire Pylon Cover is 100% anti-static, impervious to jet and diesel fuel, has a high melt point to +800 degrees, zero cold crack at -80 degrees, extreme durability against UV exposure degradation and excells in high UV environments, completely machine washable, includes a weather-tight Forms Pouch to store maintenance schedules and requires no belly straps or straps of any sort (PATENTED) for fitting and installation. Unmatched durability and performance is backed by a 15 year Unconditional Full Replacement Warranty and a Life-Time Warrany on all stitching and seams.

Contact us for a full specification list or let us know your exact requirements.

The Geza Gear G3 HellFire Pylon Cover is shown here in use at the 178th Fighter Wing protecting their entire fleet of Pylons and are being produced for other military bases throughout the US and overseas.

The Geza Gear G3 HellFire Pylon Cover (PATENTED) for the F-15, F16 and F-18 aircraft, offers full protection from any and all extreme weather conditions and is sealed to prevent rodent intrusion. Expensive and sensitive electrical hook-ups are kept 100% clean and dry and protected from dirt, sand, debris and all humidty and moisture. Installation and removal is a one man operation taking just 30 seconds and requires no belly straps or straps of any sort (PATENTED).

Intake Covers as shown on an F-16. We also build and design canopy covers, Intake Plugs, Exhaust Covers and Plugs, Top-Surface Covers, and more.



View of the Golan Armored Vehicle and Protector.


Geza IP (Intense Pressure) Kevlar Window Covers will be available for use on all MAV (Mobile Armored Vehicles). Note the armored Balkan below with Accoustic Sound Weaponry in the background. We have designed an acoustically transparent protective membrane (Patent Pending) to be used on ASW's for environmental and weather protection with limited inhibition of sound waves.




The indomitable Gurkha can be Fitted with the New Geza Kevlar Gun Turret Canopy Cover. A True Force to be Reckoned with.



Protective Gun Turret Canopies with protective side shielding.


For Bid Proposals and to discuss Need Requirements, please contact us by Calling 888.222.0650 or send us an email at with your questions.

We serve all branches of the Military and Law Enforcement. Let us know how we can meet your needs.

Made in the USA

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