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Geza Gear Inc. is trusted and selected by our Armed Forces.

If our covers can handle their requirments, we are confident it can handle yours!

Read the following -

Navy Seal-Team Unit interested in Force Defense Material
Our new Weapon-Grade-Armor-Material is designed to combat corrosion on weapons (Glock 9mm, Sig 45, M-16 and M4) when used in the field. Military

US Coast Guard contracts with Geza Gear Inc.
Our Ocean BLock fabric will be used to protect their 47' boats, Stidd-Chair, Consoles and Electronic Navigation Equipment. Military

Texas 149th Fighter Wing contracts with Geza Gear Inc.
Design and build harsh environment protective covers for F-16 fighter jet and components. Military

Andrews Air Force Base contracts with Geza Gear Inc.
Home of presidential aircraft Air Force One, prestigious Andrews AFB selects Geza Gear Inc. to design and manufacture protective covers for their F-16 Fighter Jet's equipment and components. Military

Force Protection Industries / General Dynamics contracts with Geza Gear Inc.
Manufacturers of the MRAP Armored Vehicles, FPI/GD selected us to design and build specialized covers for their newest class of armored vehicles.Military

Geza Gear develops new strands of Carbon/Kevlar Fiber for use in their Motorcycle Covers product line
Initially designed for military use for unparalleled strength and extreme force penetration prevention, it will availaable in our new line of motorcycle covers.Military

Homeland Security visits Geza Gear Inc.
Homeland Security interested in our new Black-Out Concealment Face Masks for the use by Special Forces. Product was sent to their department and is currently under evaluation. Military

Classified Project
Geza Gear Inc. was selected to work on a Classified Military project for protecting heavy armament combat vehicles during trans-ocean, land or air transport.Military

Force Protection and Equipment Demonstration
New line of Equipment and Personnel Protective Materials debuted at FPED. If you were an attendee and would like more information please click on the following link. Military

Automobile Covers
Available now for all models. Call us for details at 703.327.9844

Boat and Water-Craft Covers
Available for select models. Call us for details at 703.327.9844

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