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Geza Gear Car Covers are 100% custom made to order and constructed from the finest materials. We can build a cover to suit any vehicle from four-door sedans, two-door coupes, classic and vintage cars, pick-up trucks, hot-rods, luxury vehicles, sports cars, convertibles, SUV's, RV's and exotics.

We can build covers for indoor use, indoor/outdoor applications, full 24/7 outdoor exposure and even car covers that are transportable on a trailer.

100% Designed and Built In The USA

New Custom Car Cover patterns for popular 2014 vehicles are now available.

New lighter weight materials have been designed and developed for outdoor weather protection.


New Car Cover Designs Now Available For:

- BMW M4

- Cadillac CTS

- Aston Martin Vanquish

- Mercedes Benz S-Class

- Corvette C7

- Jaguar F-Type

- Lamborghini Aventador

- Camaro SS

- Audi R8


Geza Gear Custom Car Covers are not your typical custom cover, so we request that you contact us first with your vehicle type and the environment you will need protection from; indoor, indoor/outdoor, daily outdoor, transport.

We will go over the different build and material options that will best meet your needs.

Office: 888.222.0650

Custom Hand Crafted Car Covers
Geza Gear Inc., is proud to introduce their custom hand crafted line of car and all vehicle covers.

We are a custom builder and fabricator of materials that are suitable for indoor use, indoor/outdoor use, 24/7 outdoor use and for transporting your vehicle on an open trailer.

We have the ability to custom design our materials to suit exact needs and prototype designs for any car, SUV, RV or truck application. Everything, from our patented technical fabrics to the designing, modeling, fabrication, prototyping, cutting and sewing is performed by us. From start to finish, we will build to your exact specifications.

Contact us for need requirement and build designs of any kind.

Call Us at 888-222-0650 or send us an email at


Geza Gear Custom Car and Vehicle Covers are all hand crafted and built to exact auto dimensions to fit absolutely perfect.

We have many different materials that are suitable for indoor dust protection, outdoor sun and rain protection, cold weather snow protection and for protection while transporting your vehicle on a trailer. All covers are double needle stitched and are made from materials that are scratch-proof and fully breathable to draw moisture away from the interior.

Contact us for a full specification list or let us know your exact requirements.

Your custom cover can be made with a mat or a satin finish and we offer many custom colors to match your preference. Our indoor materials are 100% scratch-proof and offer cushion against dings. They are also fully breathable to vent condensation to keep the interior dry. Our outdoor materials are designed to keep your car or vehicle protected from harsh weather, intense UV exposure, heavy rains, debris, bird droppings, tree sap and other harmful elements that can damage your cars finish. Ask us for details.

Mirror pockets can be added if you have stock mirrors but if you have them removed or just on the driver side, we can accommodate those differences as well.



Cover build patterns of Classic and Vintage cars are available for most popular models. If we do not have a cover pattern for your vehicle we can send you a simple and quick measurement schematic for you to provide measurements for us. Ask us about your Vintage Car.


Perfectly made covers will hug the contours of your vehicle. This is as perfect and beautiful as it gets.




We have built custom covers for cars of all major auto manufacturers as well as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, Maserati, etc. Let us build a beautiful custom cover for you!


For your Custom Car Cover needs, please contact us by Calling 888.222.0650 or send us an email at with your questions.

We have build patterns for most popular cars, SUV's, RV's and Trucks. Contact us for your cover needs today!

Made in the USA

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