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Custom Covers for Cars, Trucks, SUV's, RV's, Boats, Yachts, Watercraft, Aircraft and so much more!

If you need it covered and protected, we can do it!
Pro-Stretch Motorcycle Covers

Kawasaki Concours Geza Motorcycle Covers Geza Gear Patented Pro-Stretch Custom Motorcycle Covers are 100% Custom Made to Order and Proudly Designed and Built in the USA with the utmost attention to quality and exacting detail. Everything, from our patented technical fabrics to the designing, modeling, fabrication, cutting and sewing is built/performed by us in our own factory. Our custom motorcycle covers are built to perfectly fit and protect every type of motorcycle from all leading manufacturers. Every Geza Custom Motorcycle Cover is cut and sewn from our Patented Designs and meticulously constructed from our proprietary and patented fabrics to achieve a flawless form fit around your exact bike.

Geza Stretch Fit Custom Covers are True Custom Built- meaning we take the exact pattern of your exact year, make and model of bike along with any accessories you may have, and we cut and sew a cover to perfectly fit your motorcycle's dimensions and contours. We have an extensive motorcycle database with over 8000 patterns and more than 2500 aftermarket accessory patterns - ranging from extended windshields, shorty shields, no shield, sidebags, topcases, engine guards, luggage racks, backrests, beach bars, extended bars etc. Further, you have a choice of eight different fabrics from which to have your custom cover built around. This way, not only do you get an exact fitting cover, but you also get a cover made from the ideal material of your choosing to meet your exact needs.

We can build custom motorcycle covers for your Sport Bike, Cruiser, Sport Tourer, Harley Davidson, Trike, Dirt Bike, Standard and Naked Bike. Our most popular designs are our half covers, but we can also build custom full covers that are compact and easily portable for every day use as travel covers, as well as towable / trailerable on an open trailer, in the bed of a pickup truck or even behind an RV.

We have custom motorcycle cover patterns for every Aprilia - Bimota - BMW - Buell - Ducati - Harley Davidson - Honda - Kawasaki - Moto Guzzi - MV Augusta - Suzuki - Triumph - Yamaha and others. Whether your needs are for trailering or transport, needing a small travel cover, commuting to work, going on road trips, needing protection from the sun, rain, snow, outdoor debris, indoor dust, or to keep people from unauthorized "sitting" on your bike, Geza Gear custom Motorcycle Covers can meet your needs.

Suzuki Hayabusa Geza Motorcycle Covers Traditional sizes such as Small, Medium, Large and X-Large do not fit properly on every bike. Therefore, Geza Custom Motorcycle Covers are built around your exact bike model. Our pricing structure is built around the Small to X-Large designation, see our Size Guide, and when it comes to ordering your cover, you simply choose the corresponding cover size (for pricing) AND provide us with your bike's year, make and model. We will pull your exact bike pattern and make you a perfectly fitting motorcycle cover from the material of your choice.

We have designed our site to provide all the motorcycle cover information you need including sizing, fabric series choices, pricing, customer testimonials, and pictures.

We pride ourselves in developing lifetime customer relationships by using only the best materials with the best cover designs. Since we manufacture our own fabrics and design each and every motorcycle cover pattern, which have all been awarded Patents, you are assured of superb performance and fit.

BMW HP2 Geza Motorcycle Covers Someone once said, "The bitter taste of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." We could never have said it better, and we will never compromise on quality, innovation, performance and value. Motorcycle Covers are not all created equal. To see the Geza difference, scroll down to read some of our many Testimonials.

Take your time and enjoy our website as well as the picture slideshow featured at the top of this page. If you have any questions, or if we can be of assistance, please feel free to contact us.


Geza Motorcycle Covers Garage

This air conditioned DREAM GARAGE, (the kind that comes with a house!), belongs to one of our customers. Not only does he have more top-shelf motorcycles than there are days in the week to ride them, but he has enough Geza Motorcycle Covers to tuck them in at night. When it comes to passion and quality, this customer clearly knows no compromise!
Now, go and wipe your drool...

Geza Motorcycle Covers Garage without Covers


For that Dream Road Trip you've been planning, the Custom Geza Motorcycle Cover, shown fitted on a GoldWing 1800 being towed cross-country, will protect your motorcycle wherever the open road should take you.
GL1800 Motorcycle Cover
And when you finally arrive at your destination, your Geza Cover is compact enough to carry with you as the perfect travel cover. Transportable and portability, all in one cover!


Featured Customers

BMW R1150R Rockster

BMW Rockster Side View with Geza Motorcycle Cover Pro-Series BMW Rockster Rear View with Geza Motorcycle Cover Pro-Series
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

"I have been using my Pro-PLUS Series Geza Custom Motorcycle Cover daily for many years and it still fits and protects my motorcycle perfectly from the sun and the salty ocean air. It is compact enough to take with me wherever I travel, and I never have to wait for my bike to cool down before using it, which is a big deal with my cylinder heads! Further, there is never any early morning condensation build-up underneath my cover and no fading or scratches at all on my paint. Even when the weather turns bad and the winds kick up, the cover stays put and does not blow around or budge. Prior to my Geza Cover, I had two other covers completely shredded and destroyed by the weather and my paint sustained clear coat damage from them blowing around. My one Geza Pro-Series Cover has lasted three times as long as both of the other covers combined and has never put a single mark or scuff on my paint. My Geza Cover is built like a tank but totally gentle on the finish. You have the best motorcycle covers going." - J. Tatum


Geza Motorcycle Cover fitted on a Yamaha FJR 1300 Geza Motorcycle Cover Sport-Classic PLUS Series Yamaha FJR with Geza Motorcycle Cover
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

"I purchased the Elite Series motorcycle cover for my Yamaha FJR 1300. As a repeat customer I am constantly amazed at the unsurpassed quality of your motorcycle covers. The fit is always perfect and the PLUS fabric is simply first rate. We had a big storm with high winds and rain the other day, and my Yamaha FJR 1300 stayed covered and dry. Towing with the cover is incredible. It has protected my bike perfectly for thousands of miles through seriously bad weather and will do so for many thousands more. It's a fantastic custom motorcycle transport cover and easily worth twice what I paid for it, It sure beats the cost of an enclosed trailer! This motorcycle cover does everything I need a cover to do, and it does it all perfectly, everytime." - Michael

"I have a Pro-Series Half-Build Custom Made Motorcycle Cover for my CBR600F4i and WON"T leave home without it! I would like to take a second and just say that you guys definitely understated the quality and convenience of this product in your online description. I know you need to leave some expectation up to the consumer but the Pro-Series Cover is far better in quality, convenience, fit, transportability and overall looks than anyone could ever put into words in an ad. I live in Florida and use mine daily. I get more comments on my cover than I do on my bike! Now I know why your motorcycle covers are so highly rated."- TM Hodgins

BMW R1100S

Geza Motorcycle Cover BMW R1100S
Click to enlarge

"Just got back from towing my bike from Seattle to Santa Cruz, CA., and back. Used the Pro-PLUS Series Motorcycle Cover and it worked like a charm. Never came loose, ripped, etc., as others I have used in the past. Great product, thanks." - Mark


Geza Motorcycle Cover on Yamaha R1
Click to enlarge

I've used my Geza Elite Series Cover for over 2500 towing miles and it has done its job as advertised. Even at "high" speeds and all kinds of weather, the cover stays on tight and protects the components of my Yamaha R1 that need protection. I get many questions and compliments at the track and would recommend it to anyone. It's also nice how it covers up the rear exhausts to keep water out." - Sy

Click here to read more on how others are benefitting and using Geza Motorcycle Covers: Customer Testimonials

Manufactured with Quality and Pride in the USA

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